my comments
 A - J
3,2,1, Rock
3.10 mins
Not particularly Rocky at all really.
Aby the Baby
3.04 mins
Made in Japan
Adam Sandler
1.32 mins
Is this comedy or is it just crap?
The Alarm  
Al Point Ru
3.32 mins
The Russians are coming
Anthony Anderson Orchstra
4.13 mins
Lethal Weapon III but nothing special
Avril Lavigne
2.51 mins

Either you love it or you really hate it

Avril Lavigne  
Avril Lavigne (remix)
4.42 mins
I love it
Altijd Lazerus
4.56 mins
A drunken Dutch Techno remix
3.20 mins
Poles apart
Backpage Band
4.32 mins
Bad Mojo
4.27 mins
There's no mojo like a bad mojo
Beau Joque & the Zydeco Hi-Rollers
6.56 mins
Get it on, baby
0.45 mins
Unfortunately incomplete
Bernard Cade
3.07 mins
Unfortunately complete
Beth Scalet
3.35 mins
For the kids
Betty Pride  
Bm Improv
4.12 mins
As improv as it comes
Bob Dylan (1)
2.29 mins
The original version
Bob Dylan (2)
4.03 mins
Live at the Budokan
Bob Dylan (3)
4.20 mins
Bootleg Series
Bob Dylan (4)  
Bob Dylan MTV Unplugged
5.30 mins
Unplugged, but no better for it.
Bob Dylan & The Band
3.35 mins
Live version
Bob Dylan & Everyone: 30th Anniversary Concert
5.38 mins
Everyone but the Sex Pistols
Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead
6.10 mins
More live
Bob Dylan & Paul Simon  
The most uncool version I could find
Bob Dylan & Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
7.48 mins
Is there anyone who Bob's not played with?
Bob Dylan avec Van Morrison
5.55 mins
Pretentious! Moi?
Bob Klopfer's Groove Machine
3.56 mins
Bon Jovi (1)
3.44 mins
Connections. (Young Guns etc)
Bon Jovi (2)
5.01 mins
Live acoustic
Boo's Groove
5.27 mins
5.20 mins's er another cover version
Brice et Dominique  
Very Euro-Pop
Bronco Bob
5.40 mins
Anyone called Bronco Bob gets my vote
Bruce Springsteen
Bruce, baby.
Bryan Ferry
6.13 mins
Ferry does Dylan. The jury's still out.
Burnside Exploration
4.21 mins
Burdon, Gallagher & Lindley
7.31 mins
Cagey Strings
3.49 mins
Carl Wirkkala
2.40 mins
It is a great relief that
Casual Affair
5.57 mins
Cat Power
1.50 mins
Sinister. Feline
Chasing the Sun / Blues Makers 1
7.52 mins
Long, but worth every second
Chasing the Sun / Blues Makers 2
6.48 mins
Forget this one
Checco De I Giganti
3.40 mins
Bella Lugosi meets Sophia Loren
Cheeky Spanks
6.45 mins
Cheeky and Spanky
Chet Lott
5.16 mins
C.J. Johnson
3.32 mins
Get it on, C.J.
Chrome Frequency
5.07 mins
Makes GNR sound like a bunch of girls
Claire Diterzi
? mins
wow.... this is different
2.17 mins
You looking at me, punk
Cold Chisel & Jimmy Barnes
5.19 mins
Mindboggelingly australian
No comment
Common Ground
8.21 mins
Extraordinarily long and boring
Daniel Lioneye
1.57 mins
iPod killer
Danny Federici
4.56 mins
This is not worth the 99 cents I paid for it
Dead Weight
5.08 mins
Sex 'n drugs 'n rock 'n roll and a lot of noise
Den Fiori
4.21 mins
Duck Gang
2.22 mins
If it walks like a....
4.06 mins
Elana Watson
5.04 mins
Emil Wakin Chau
4.38 mins
4.53 mins
Eric Clapton (1)
4.21 mins
Eric Clapton (2)
6.20 mins
Eric Segerstedt  
Etta Cameron
4.26 mins
Final Fantasy  
The Flaming Bulldogs
2.40 mins
Freddie McGregor *
1.44 mins
Another incomplete recording
Freddy Fender

3.59 mins

Fender bender
Frenchy Burrito and The Folk Pistols
6.04 mins
Going for the Mexican vote
Frenchy Burrito  
and not getting it.
George Bush Remix
3.24 mins
I put this together in
George Elliott
3.38 mins
George Harrison (totally unconfirmed)
7.23 mins
is it GH... or someone who sounds like him?
George McCrae
3.53 mins
Giuseppe Gazerro
3.45 mins
Theoretically it's the same song, but urrghhh.
Grace Tones
5.40 mins
Grant Austin  
Grzegzor Halama  
Guns 'n Roses
5.36 mins
Guns 'n Roses Live
7.27 mins
Even more of the same
Happy End Band
? mins
the first Hungarian
The Havingas
4.50 mins
4.11 mins
4.25 mins
Is this the version GNR covered?
Herman Brood
2.17 mins
Dead. And no better for it.
Highway 61 Revisited
7.00 mins
There's really no excuse for anything this long
Honours Fist
1.31 mins
Inga Rumpf
4.46 mins
Inga who?
Inger Lise Rypdal
3.15 mins
4.01 mins
Jah Levi
6.19 mins
Jakie Lovebar
3.19 mins
Jason Kane
5.19 mins
Jerry Garcia & David Grishman
5.47 mins
One of Jerry G 's 27 different versions.
Jerry Garcia  
Jim Deecken
4.01 mins
Jim McNulty
5.20 mins
Jodys Singers
3.55 mins
Axel Rose soundalike but NOT lookalike
Johnny "Guitar" King
5.27 mins
Jordis Unga
2.32 mins
Judy Mowatt
4.10 mins
Reggae tribute to Dylan
Justin Shively
2.24 mins
If you can stay awake then

 grand total
  Thanks to everyone who agreed to me using their photos and especially an extra thankyou to those that did not; needless to say the same applies to the (very) few sound samples I wasn't quite able to source legitimately. In this light it may be prudent to remark that the soundbites are strictly intended for recognition purposes only and as such have been somewhat degraded in quality and generally restricted to 40 seconds in length with the exception of the Pink Floyd one which is so cool I just had to include the whole thing!