What it is: is 191 versions of Knockin' on Heaven's Door (originally written in 1973 by Bob Dylan for the film Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid) performed by some170 different recording artists.


What it's not: is trying to be any kind of ultimate guide to Bob Dylan memorabilia. That, we definitely leave to others. We've no desire to compete with the sources on which we've been so dependent in building this collection.


Why we did it: I used to get totally pissed off with people who thought that Guns 'n Roses wrote the song, but now I just get pissed off with people who think that Avril Lavigne wrote it. I decided to do something about it. This was it.



How we did it: well obviously typing KOHD into a P2P program is going to turn up some useful stuff but, leaving to one side a philosophical debate about illegal downloading, there are many more versions for sale and legally for free than you might think. (iTunes , Amazon, Live Music Archive, Soundclick etc etc.) But the real headache was knowing what to look for and then a real big thanks goes to the following sites: Secondhand Songs , Dylancover.com, Songfacts and lastly Bjorner.com without whom this really wouldn't have been at all possible or even much fun!



Where it's headed: is no place in particular except in the general direction of having as many cover versions as there are sheep - with sound samples, videos and an all singing / dancing chorusline, - if it helps.



How it works: is simplicity itself. You can go to the versions page and click on a soundbite, check out what's new, marvel at the growing number of video files or click on a real information link for artwork and source info. You can even investigate the timeline. And that's about it. If you were expecting to order teashirts or book your summer holiday, then you're gonna be disappointed!


What the future holds: is generally less than you anticipated when you were 14 years old, and frequently more than you wanted when you were 52. In any case it will hopefully include lots more cover versions of KOHD.



What else can you do: is upto you. You can give us your comments on the tagboard. You can tell us it's wonderful or crap or whatever. You can even send us your own version or any useful links or new versions. knockin@waggworld.com













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191 versions

177 recording artists

41 video clips

160 photos

and 63 totally useless facts